Product information/flyers

1.2Mb PDF Gencoa company brochure
203 Kb PDF Rectangular magnetron flyer
400 Kb PDF 3G circular magnetron flyer
400 Kb PDF Standard circular magnetron flyer
317 Kb PDF Circular FFE flyer
526 Kb PDF GRS flyer
225 Kb PDF Ion source flyer
250 Kb PDF Optix flyer
1755 Kb PDF Gencoa Speedflo brochure
204 Kb PDF Speedflo flyer
312 Kb PDF Speedflo optical components
379 Kb PDF Effusion Cell flyer

Company Presentations

5033 Kb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Circular Magnetrons
10521 Kb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Rotatable Magnetrons
10096 Kb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Rectangular Magnetrons
5249 Kb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Linear Ion Source
8013 Kb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Speedflo (Updated May 2016)
6.4 Mb PDF Presentation on Gencoa Speedflo (Chinese language)
4379 Kb PDF Comparison of ITO and AZO Properties from Reactive and Non-Reactive Deposition from Rotatable Sputter Targets

Conference Presentations

1.31Mb SEMICON Europa 2016: Optical gas and pressure sensing for process control of vacuum-based industrial processes
1.31Mb AIMCAL WCHC 2016: A Novel Sensor Using Remote Plasma Emission Spectroscopy for Monitoring and Control of Vacuum Web Coating Processes
1.31Mb SVC 2016: An Alternative Approach for High Quality ITO Coatings Deposited with Rotatable Magnetrons
1.7Mb SVC 2016: A Novel Sensor Using Remote Plasma Emission Spectroscopy for Monitoring and Control of Vacuum Processes
1.31Mb SVC 2016: Compact, high capacity rotatable magnetron
1.27Mb SVC 2016: Gencoa 3rd Generation circular magnetron cathodes for R&D
3.75Mb SVC 2016: Linear Plasma Sources for Surface Modification and Deposition for Large Area Coating
1.96Mb SVC 2016: A Novel Sensor for Selenium Vapour Deposition Monitoring and Control (Nano4Energy/Gencoa)
3.54Mb SVC 2015: Improvement of Optical Coating Properties Deposited by Reactive Electron Beam Evaporation Processes with Closed Loop Reactive Gas Control
2.54Mb PDF SVC 2015: Thin Film Vacuum Plasma Polymerization (Nano4Energy/Gencoa)
2.54Mb PDF SVC 2015: Full Face Erosion Planar Cathodes as a Low Cost 'Cylindrical Rotatable' R&D Tool (Poster-28)
5.72 Mb PDF SVC 2015: Effects of Ion Bombardment pre-treatment on glass coating processes and post tempering (Session L2)
3.08Mb PDF SVC 2015: Circular Ion Sources for Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Applications (Session E2)
2373 Kb PDF SVC 2013: Innovative Rotatable Sputter Cathode (GRS75)
3878 Kb PDF SVC 2011: Advanced Magnetic Solutions for Rotatable Magnetrons
2168 Kb PDF GPD 2009: Uniformity Control In Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
1413 Kb PDF APSE 2009: Reactive HiPims Control
10521 Kb PDF PSE 2008: Plasma sources in web coating applications
2701 Kb PDF SVC 2007: Using A Penning Gauge With Speedflo For Process Control
415 Kb PDF GPD 2007: Eliminating Short Term & Long Term Drifts
4304 Kb PDF AIMCAL 2006: Presentation on the Long Term Process Control and Stability in Reactive Processes
423 Kb PDF SVC 2005: Speedflo Paper
311 Kb PDF ICCG5: Paper On Reactive Gas Control
372 Kb PDF AIMCAL 2004: Presentation On Reactive Gas Control
7647 Kb PDF PSE 2002: Application of Fourier Transform Analysis to Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering Technology


118 Kb PDF Gencoa rectangular magnetron target details
237 Kb PDF Water Cooling Options for Gencoa planar magnetron
108 Kb PDF Internal Mount Dimensions Linear Ion Source
96 Kb PDF External Mount Dimensions Linear Ion Sources
129 Kb PDF Speedflo 2D Box
1956 Kb PDF Speedflo 3D Box

Product support

612 Kb PDF Speedflo Remote Assistance Manual V3
635 Kb PDF Explanation of how to measure a DC self bias on a substrate in an RF plasma process

Miscellaneous downloads

192 Kb PDF ISO Certificate
68 Kb PDF Key To Reactive Deposition
940 Kb PDF Controlling reactive processes
458 Kb PDF Pulsed Valve Cracker Effusion Cell
2902 Kb PDF UK Institute of Physics Presentation
49 Kb PDF The Importance of Anodes
175 Kb PDF Coating Uniformity Issues
59 Kb PDF ExB Effect On Target Erosion
192 Kb PDF HiPims Control
477 Kb PDF Thin Solid Films '06: Reactive gas control of non-stable plasma conditions