Gencoa design and manufacture equipment used in deposition of thin films.

Why Gencoa?


Gencoa supply products to customers across a wide range of sectors, many of whom are amongst the world’s leading companies within their respective industries.

There are a number of reasons why Gencoa consistently deliver high quality solutions for our customers, but process know-how, and partnerships formed with our customers are two of the most important factors.

Process knowledge and experience

Understanding of the process environment and the optimization of the products for different customer needs is critical in order to be able to deliver an optimum solution. Such knowledge and understanding is achieved through a combination of a heavy investment in R&D (15-20% of turnover), and also the many years' experience that key members of the team can offer.

  • 18 years experience in industrial sputter processes
  • Comprehensive in-house testing and trials facility
  • Production-proven customized designs for semi-conductor, web, DVD, photovoltaic, reflectors, hard/deco coats & displays (see solutions section)

Strong customer partnerships

Another feature of Gencoa's success is strong collaborative partnerships with customers who set us the aims and expectations – and we provide the results they aspire to. These partnerships are the bedrock of the company's growth and success.

Within the thin film industry, many companies claim to be world-leaders. However, such claims cannot always be backed up. Gencoa’s ability to deliver more for customers is demonstrated and documented in the case studies section, and includes situations for which competing companies were unable to provide a solution to the customers needs.

Gencoa strives to meet new customer challenges quickly and efficiently in order to maintain our position as the technology leader in our field. By partnering with Gencoa, customers have the best chance of success in a competitive environment.

Development and Quality


Working to lean manufacturing principles, Gencoa develops, designs and assembles the manufactured products.

Gencoa have five dedicated process development/testing systems for a diverse range of market sectors:

  • Large area coating of drop-in external mounted cathodes
  • Large area coating of single and double cantilever mounted cathodes
  • Functional coating of complex shapes and flat optics
  • Static deposition onto wafer type substrates from circular cathodes
  • Flexible large circular chamber to accommodate various sizes/configurations.

Fabrication and machining of the component parts are subcontracted to a range of ISO accredited partner companies who manufacture the parts to Gencoa's drawings and quality standards. Once received, a quality assurance check is performed on all parts as part of a rigorous quality control procedure.

Systems are in place to plan, track and validate each part of the magnetron manufacturing process. Final assembly is completed in clean-room conditions. Prior to dispatch a series of QC checks are performed on all products: 

  • Helium leak check
  • Withstand voltage check - 5kV DC, 2.5 kV AC
  • Optional plasma burn-in test

ISO Accreditation


Gencoa achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in December 2006.

What is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 9001 is primarily concerned with "quality management"; 2008 refers to the revised standard.

This means we need to fulfill:

  • the customer's quality requirements;
  • applicable regulatory requirements;
  • enhance customer satisfaction; and
  • achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives

ISO 9001:2008 is awarded to companies who can demonstrate a quality management system that complies with the requirements following an independent audit.

What does ISO 9001:2008 mean for you?


For our customers it means we have to fulfill certain standards to meet the quality issues set by the ISO organization. 

Our quality objectives come down to:

a. Prompt response time
b. Quality service
c. Corrective/preventive actions
d. Prompt technical support

In recognizing the importance of ISO accreditation, Gencoa only use accredited supply companies when purchasing parts for the assembly of products.