Rotatable magnetron

The Gencoa Rotatable System (GRS) family of rotatable magnetrons covers four styles of end-block, with two options of internal flange mount style, and options for horizontal cantilever and vertical mounted rotatables.

Gencoa GRS rotatable magnetron


Gencoa's most compact rotatable magnetron, designed as an upgrade solution for planar magnetrons.

Gencoa GRS-C rotatable magnetron


A cantilever-mounted rotatable with high power capacity and high performance magnetics.

Gencoa GRS-V rotatable magnetron


A vertically-mounted rotatable magnetron with auto-drain feature for easy target change.

Gencoa GRS-M rotatable magnetron


A compact drop-in rotatable, designed for target lengths up to 1.8m.

Gencoa Active Anode

Active anode

Improved performance through magnetic guidance of electrons.


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