Gencoa prides itself on providing customer driven innovation and development through over 100 years of combined experience in the field of coating technologies and processes.

Such expertise is demonstrated in Gencoa’s active role in technical publications, active collaborative developments spanning many fields of coating technologies and our involvement in non-traditional coating technologies for niche requirements. This is supported by our continued investment in our staff in maintaining a world-leading team for our developments.

To support the drive for innovation and world-leading technologies in the field of vacuum coating, Gencoa relies on several sources of technical resource. This begins with our in-depth and varied process knowledge covering fields from semiconductor, optics and hard coating to plasma interactions, etch sources and in vacuum rotatable products. This is combined with our in-house modelling capabilities for 2D and 3D magnetic and electric fields, sputter rate and uniformity modelling and target erosion profiling.

Our technology and modelling capability is verified through Gencoa’s dedicated R&D facilities and customer collaborations making Gencoa the partner of choice for designing and developing your deposition source or process for your application.

This section demonstrates some of the expertise at Gencoa and our capabilities to develop your products.

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