Circular ion source

Gencoa's IMC75 is a gridless and self-neutralizing circular ion source, and marks a new generation in ion etching.

The IMC75 boasts a long maintainance cycle - both in reactive and inert environments - and has an operational range of up to 90mA and up to 3kV.

There is no contamination, which makes the product suitable for semi conductor applications. Other applications include substrate pre-clean, ion assist, etch/texturing and PACVD deposition.

The IMC75 is easy to fit, with a 1" shaft mount and outer diameter of 5", and is an ideal pair for Gencoa's new 3" and 4" circular full face erosion magnetrons.

Key features

  • Inversed magnetron ion beam
  • Self neutralised ion beam
  • Operating pressure in large pressure range (E-4 to E-3 mbar)
  • Tilting head - ion angle control
  • Stable ion beam current and ion energy distribution
  • Feedback control
  • Variety of gas feed possible
  • No contamination
  • Suitable for Semiconductor industry

IMC75 Ion Etching Applications

  • Nanotexturing
  • Coating removal
  • Improving coating adhesion
  • ITO and silver deposition assistance
  • PACVD - DLC deposition
  • Ion beam deposition



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