Gencoa Rate Calculation

Take the guesswork out of configuring your new sputter system! Gencoa have developed an online software application to calculate deposition rates for all sputter processes and geometries - planar & rotatable targets, static or in-line moving substrates, pure, compound or reactive layers.

The application includes a material library with data for common sputtered material catagories: metals, compounds and alloys.

The application is free and online. Click here to access.

How to use the software

1.Enter your target material information (at left top corner in the window)

  • Select "Material 1" tab at the left top corner
  • Select your material to calculate from "Material Type" dropdown menu
  • There are "All", "Pure", "Compound" and "Reactive" categories in the menu
  • Select Material in the "Material List" in the dropdown menu
  • Then, "Relative Sputter Rate" will be shown below for the selected material
  • Enter "Power Density" in the right of the material section
  • You can specify the power by power density or total power, by choosing the corresponding option below
  • Power type "DC" or "RF" can also be specified (DC includes MF & Pulsed DC)

2. Enter your target size information

  • Select one of the "Rectangular Magnetics", "Circular Magnetics" or "Rotatable Magnetics" for your target geometry
  • This selection differs the magnetic design for the calculation
  • Enter the target width, length and thickness in centimeters

3. Enter your substrate information (right upper corner)

  • Enter your target to substrate distance
  • Enter the in-line substrate speed in cm/min
  • Enter the number of passes of the substrate in-front of the magnetron

After entering this information, the application automatically calculates the deposition rate.

The results of the deposition rate will be shown at middle right side of the window. There are 3 text boxes in different colour.

Red shows worst case (high pressure & intrusive shielding), orange shows average (standard conditions) and green shows best (lower pressure, gas injected).

At the bottom half of the window, there is a target lifetime calculation for different magnetic options.

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