Hip³ is a new technology for high rate ion etching. The technology delivers surface preparation and rapid removal of coatings or surface contamination based on positive voltage Hipims.

Rapid substrate etching

The setup involves two magnetrons, with a +600V and 150 Amps Hipims style positive pulse applied to the first cathode, and a DC bias applied to the substrate, which is pulsed for insulating the coatings.

The second magnetron is active with low DC power. Together, this set up delivers rates that are up to 20 times higher than standard argon pulsed plasma etching.

Following the etching phase, magnetrons can revert to coating sources.

Further details of the system set up and data for etching of a series of materials is documented in the supporting presentation.

Easily adapts to existing machines

The introduction of a hipV HiPIMS HiPlus Positive Pulsing Unit allows existing machines to be adapted for Hip³ coatings, with two magnetron sputter sources required, of which one uses the Hip³ mode of operation. A DC or pulsed DC power supply is applied to the second magnetron.

Commercial options based upon Hip³ etching process

The Hip³ technology is novel and subject to joint patent applications by Gencoa and Nano4Energy.

The technology can be implemented on existing equipment with a suitable power supply, and licenses to apply the technology can be agreed.

The hipV HiPIMS HiPlus Positive Pulsing Units are available to apply the etching mode to any system.

Where suitable sources are not already present, Gencoa's compact dual electrodes Hip³ can be added to an existing system.

For further information, please contact [email protected] or Nano4Energy.


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