Speedflo autotune

Achieving high performance control of your system is a quick and easy process using Speedflo.

A proprietary, state-of-the-art automatic controller tuning procedure provides optimum controller parameters for your process at the click of a button. The auto-tuning procedure is fast and effective – and works within any system or sensor configuration.

After performing an integrated system calibration and identification procedure, the auto-tuner instantly generates the optimum controller parameters for your process by using advanced inverse dynamics algorithms to analyze the collected data.

The whole procedure takes less than two minutes and, thanks to Gencoa’s unique combination of process and control expertise, is perfectly suited to the demands of real processes.

The following video shows an example of the auto-tuner during a AlOx reactive sputtering process using dual rotatable targets and with three commonly-used sensor types: Lambda oxygen sensor, target voltage sensor, and plasma emission monitoring (PEM) sensor.


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Gencoa: Perfect your process

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