The GRS-S product is the most compact ‘drop-in’ rotatable magnetron design available on the market. The small size is a result of the Gencoa patented rotational drive system that minimizes the space required for the end-block assembly.

To make the most of the compact nature, Gencoa have created magnetics and target fixturing that can accommodate target sizes of Ø75, Ø90, Ø105 mm.

The GRS-S is hence ideal for R&D or an upgrade replacement for your existing planar magnetrons.


  • Reduces target material and end-block costs
  • Unique patented system provides a compact and reliable end block design
  • High water flow (40 l/min)
  • Compact width allows a GRS dual to replace a standard Gencoa external 125mm target width planar magnetron
  • Utilises Gencoa’s high performance magnetics including balanced, unbalanced, high strength and DLIM options
  • Can incorporate an active anode in dual configuration
  • Unique seal design for reliable operation sets it apart from other competitors
  • High uniformity in a confined space (65mm from outer edge of endblock to race-track)
  • Can be used in conjunction with Gencoa gas bars, active anode, Optix and Speedflo

Key features

  • Up to 1.2m long targets possible depending on weight
  • Flange mounted to drop into a chamber opening
  • Accommodation of Ø75mm, Ø90 & Ø100 targets
  • 1” ID quick release water connections for high flow
  • DC motor drive with RS-485 interface and possible PLC integration
  • Power connections: DC via 7/16 or AC/DC via Harting
  • Operational speed up to 15RPM
  • Single or dual units can be mounted on a single flange plate


GRS and active anode plasmaGRS-SGRS-SGRS dual with ITO targets


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