Circular magnetron

Gencoa offer a comprehensive range of circular magnetrons, catering for applications from R&D to semiconductor production. A wide selection of configurations result in solutions for challenging demands of real processes.

3G Circular

A third generation of HV sources for 2" to 5" target diameters, with internal gas injection, indirect or direct target water cooling and ±45° tilt adjustment as standard.

Standard Circular

For target diameters of 6"-16", Gencoa offer an established design of circular magnetron, suitable for coating larger areas.

Circular FFE

A unique and powerful tool for the high-rate deposition of sputtered layers with high target use achieved by the use of motor driven dynamic plasma scanning.

Circular Vtech

The unique Vtech magnetron allows for variations of magnetic field properties to be applied. Available for target diameters of 2" to 6".


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