R&D Commercial Services

Gencoa have been creating innovative vacuum processes since 1994. Over that time, in-house skills and equipment has been installed which is unrivalled in terms of scope and speed of development.

Practical services offered include PVD & PECVD layer development, plasma etching / cleaning studies, and chemical sensing from vacuum and atmosphere.

Simulation and design services include re-designing magnetic packs for different layer properties on wafers, and modelling magnetic fields and layer uniformity for different process and system types.

Eight staff members are involved in the R&D team and skills cover 2D & 3D modelling, electronics, software design, process feedback control, spectroscopic chemical sensing, plasma modelling and measurement, PVD & CVD layer creation on 2D and 3D parts, etch and cleaning of surfaces.

There are 8 vacuum development machines at Gencoa that encompass small scale coating on slides or 50mm diameters wafers, 0.5m in-line glass, to 1.2m long 3D parts, and 2.5m long plasma test and treatment.

Work undertaken ranges from new concepts to pilot production and can last 1 days to several months. In addition to in-house development, staff can also work at the customer site for final process tuning and product testing / staff training.

If you have a need to create new products or improve existing products, then please speak with Gencoa.

The process work undertaken recently completed helps to highlight our areas of specialisation:

  • High pressure plasma cleaning of debris on glass
  • Transparent abrasion resistant large window coating development
  • Low voltage (180V) sputtered ITO from rotatable targets
  • Scratch resistant transparent carbon on phone displays (major area of activity in collaboration with Nano4Energy)
  • Remote sensing of deuterium (OPTIX based)
  • Cannabinoid sensing from atmosphere (OPTIX based)
  • Sensing of automotive battery leaks (OPTIX based)
  • Simulation of layer uniformity on large astronomical telescopes
  • Highly biocidal coatings on visual displays, food packaging and healthcare products (major area of activity)
  • Novel layer stacks for off-grid power generation
  • Rapid plasma etching of 3D parts and surfaces (in collaboration with N4E)
  • Stress control of layers used in microelectronics
  • Magnetic design and testing for 200 and 300mm wafer coating improvements  (major area)

Success is a result of skills, facilities and speed. In vacuum deposition and plasma processes we excel in all areas.


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