GRS-V: Rotatable Magnetron

GRS-V is a vertically-mounted rotatable magnetron by Gencoa, a recent addition to the Gencoa Rotatable System product range. The GRS-V features high power capacity and water flow, excellent end-block vacuum integrity and has a water drain feature for easy target change within the chamber.

Its unique design addresses the key points in reliable sputter process delivery for high volume applications. The GRS-V end-block and magnetic arrays are designed to reduce the cost of ownership for the decorative and functional coating environments.

The GRS-V is a purpose designed vertical source and contains the key feature of motor or manual adjustment of the race track angular position. The GRS-V is aimed at display coaters with in-line or static glass, also batch coaters for decorative and hard coating and high power metallizing of plastic parts.


  • Can use varying target diameters
  • Double seals for target mounting and double screws target clamping
  • Quick release magnet bar for in-chamber target changing
  • Variable target to chamber plate distances (please specify on order)
  • High water flow and power delivery
  • Market leading integrity of vacuum seals – better than 5x10-8 mbar l/s He leak rate under rotation and > 3 year dynamic seal life guarantee
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be used in conjunction with Gencoa gas bars, Active Anode, Optix and Speedflo
  • Array angle positioning for pre-cleaning targets in the reverse direction
  • No out-bound support required for vertical down orientation
  • Utilises Gencoa's high performance magnetics designed for different production needs:
    • XPP extremely unbalanced for reactive ion assisted deposition (hard coating)
    • PP unbalanced magnetics for decorative coating of plastics
    • HS high strength for ITO, magnetic targets and high power metallizing
    • DLIMAA, double low impedance magnetics with Active Anode for higher density, lower stress layers
    • Gencoa can provide complete system magnetic layouts for different power modes and applications with optional on-site process installation

Key features

  • Up to 3m long targets
  • Port mounted externally to chamber
  • Accommodation of Ø90, Ø100, Ø125 & Ø152 mm targets
  • ¾” ID water connections for high flow
  • Direct drive of target rotation – no tensioned belt
  • DC motor drive with RS-485 interface and possible PLC integration
  • High current Harting power connection
  • Manual or motorised array positioning for multiple substrate location or target cleaning
  • Operational speed up to 15RPM


Gencoa GRS-VGRS-VGRS-VGRS-VGencoa GRS-V closeupGencoa GRS-VGencoa GRS-V


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