Through experience and extensive technical know-how, Gencoa offer customers a complete sputtering solution. Rectangular and rotatable magnetrons offering a large choice of magnetic options are complemented by the range of ion sources for pre-cleaning, and process tools such as the powerful Speedflo process controller and Optix sensor.


From the newly-designed HV sources to longer-established products, Gencoa's circular magnetrons are available with a wide choice of magnetic and mechanical options.


The widest range of rectangular magnetrons on the market for both internal and external mounting.


The Gencoa Rotatable System (GRS) family of magnetrons offer the ultimate in performance and flexibility.


Gencoa's groundbreaking vacuum sensor delivering accurate measurements through a wide range of pressures.


The popular reactive process controller from Gencoa – available in two options, each providing a choice of sensor configurations.


Industrially-robust sensing unit for detection of chalcogen-based species including oxygen, sulphur and selenium.

Plasma source

Linear and circular sources, offering a robust and flexible means of pre-cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition.

Power supplies

Power sources for providing a complete solution for Gencoa IM-type linear and circular plasma sources.

Effusion Cell

A collaborative development between Nano4Energy and Gencoa, delivering an innovative solution for single-stack sputtering.


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