In order to gain optimized target use the magnetic field is simulated using a 2D commercially available finite element modelling package. The data generated is then used by Gencoa for simulations such as target erosion and coating uniformity. More info > 

Sputtering Fundamentals

Magnetron sputtering is the most widely used method for thin film vacuum deposition. The impact of an atom or ion produces 'sputtering' from the target surface as a result of momentum transfer from the incoming particle.
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Emerging Applications

In order to demonstrate the potential of sputtering, the following section shows examples of interesting or future technologies for magnetron-sputtered thin films. Gencoa would be happy to include any of your interesting application areas to supplement this section.
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Process Tips

Various process tips are available from Gencoa including: target mounting options; the importance of anodes; how to deposit oxides; target size guidance; web coating considerations; and control in reactive deposition.
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