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Gencoa is a customer-focussed company providing expert solutions for the vacuum coating sector throughout the world. For over 25 years, Gencoa has been perfecting its range of magnetron sputter cathodes and plasma deposition components, in addition to the introduction of process control and sensing products.


A groundbreaking vacuum sensing instrument, delivering accurate measurements through a wide range of pressures.


The Gencoa Rotatable System technology offers the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

3G Circular

A third generation of HV sources, featuring internal gas injection, indirect or direct target water cooling and ±45° tilt adjustment as standard.


Gencoa's popular reactive gas controller – available in two options, each providing a choice of sensor configurations.


Industrially robust sensing unit for detection of chalcogen-based species including oxygen, sulphur and selenium.


Robust and reliable, Gencoa's rectangular magnetrons serve a range of applications with optimized magnetics delivering high performance.

Upcoming Events

  • 17 February 2022 - NCCAVS 2022 Annual Equipment Exhibition
  • 30 April - 5 May 2022 - SVC Techcon 2022
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