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3G Circular Magnetron Optix GRS-C Exhibitions 2017
A new product for 2016, Gencoa's third generation range of small circular magnetrons includes ±45° tilt adjustment, gas injection and a rear utility box for DC, DC-pulsed, RF and HIPIMS processes – all as standard. More > Released in late 2016, Optix is a multi-purpose instrument for gas sensing in any vacuum environment, which functions through a wide range of operating pressures without an additional requirement of a differential pumping system. More > Introducing the GRS-C, a cantilever-mounted compact rotatable magnetron by Gencoa, with features including high power capacity and water flow, excellent end-block vacuum integrity and an auto-drain feature for easy target change. More > Gencoa regularly participate at international industry-related tradeshows where expert staff are on hand to provide advice and demonstrate the latest company products.  
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