Gencoa planar magnetron
Reactive gas control with Speedflo

 Linear Ion source for pre cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition
Planar magnetron Speedflo GRS Ion Source
Rectangular and circular magnetrons for a wide range of target sizes, with a variety of magnetic options available. Highest target use and uniformity, highly robust and process ready. Perfect your process. Speedflo is a powerful reactive gas controller giving you control of your reactive sputtering and plasma processes. With flexible monitoring and feedback system for process optimization and coating properties.
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Introducing the Gencoa Rotatable System (GRS), an innovative and ultra-compact range of rotatable magnetrons. The GRS is capable of achieving excellent ITO deposition, and its wide choice of magnetic options cover all types of sputtering, PACVD processes and arc plasmas. 
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Robust and flexible means of pre-cleaning polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition. The plasma jets generated impact the substrate.
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