grs-c-thumb-7.jpgIntroducing the GRS-C, a cantilever-mounted compact rotatable magnetron by Gencoa, and the latest addition to the GRS family of rotatable magnetrons. The GRS-C features high power capacity and water flow, excellent end-block vacuum integrity and has an auto-drain feature for easy target change.

Its unique design addresses the key points in reliable sputter process delivery with excellent results.

The ultra-compact size of the GRS-C allows easy retrofitting into the chamber as a single, dual or multi-source array. Despite its compact size, the GRS-C can be assembled with targets of over 1.5m and is vibration-proof and robust. Its cooling and power capacity matches the largest cantilever-style rotatable magnetrons on the market.

GRS-C Specification
Target (OD) 75mm
Target length >1.5m with cantilever support (subject to target weight)
Power connection types AC

GRS-C magnetic options/applications
Low strength (LS) CVD, high frequency
Standard strength (SSF) General sputtering
High strength (HS) Low voltage, high power
Unbalanced ion assist processes (PP) Hard coatings
Double cathode low impedence magnetics (DLIM) AC reactive
Active anode (AA) Low temperature, low voltage, pulsed DC, reactive oxides

Key features

• Current capacity of up to 250A (maximum achievable power is dependent on target material)
• Rotating seal leak detection point
• Quick and easy seal change
• Excellent vacuum integrity (5x10-9 mBar l/s He leak rate)
• High water flow (60-100 litres/min)
• Encoder protection for belt failure
• Motor position options to accommodate any system design
• Wide range of magnetic array options
• Auto-drain feature for easy target change