Gencoa Product Line-Up

Through our experience and extensive technical know-how, Gencoa are able to provide a complete sputtering solution. Rectangular and rotatable magnetrons offering a large choice of magnetic options are complemented by our range of ion sources for pre-cleaning, and the powerful Speedflo process controller. Click on each of the products below for further information.

Rectangular magnetronRectangular magnetron   Circular magnetronCircular magnetron
  grs-3-4.jpgRotatable magnetron

The widest range of linear magnetrons on the market – available for both internal and external mounting.


A wide choice of designs and magnetic options to suit a range of sputter processes. 


Increased target life offered by our GRS rotatable magnetrons help to provide an even better solution.

Speedflo reactive process controller
Reactive gas controller
  ion source, plasma source
Ion source
  Magnetron Option retro fit magnetic AssemblyRetrofit magnetics

Gencoa's powerful Speedflo unit offers all the control you need to perfect your reactive sputtering and plasma processes.


Our range of ion sources offer a robust and flexible pre-cleaning solution for polymer and glass substrates prior to thin film deposition.



Gencoa can provide replacement magnetic systems to fit within your existing cathode body for a cost effective upgrade.