Dual rectangular

Gencoa double (or dual) magnetons combine all the process and design expertise to realise an integrated package that ensures 'drop-in' optimum operation.

A typical integrated dual cathode assembly has the following features:

  • Two magnetrons with an asymmetric magnetic design
  • Integral dark space shield (with dual cathodes the target alternate and act as the anode and cathode)
  • Water cooled dark space shield and rear mounting plate (cooling of the shield is recommended when AC power is applied in double configuration - especially important when coating plastic web)
  • Integrated gas bars (number of sectors and design depends upon cathode size)
  • Fibre-optic monitoring of the plasma discharge (1 or 3 zone or can be excluded if target voltage feedback gas control is used)
  • Speedflo reactive gas controller

All of the above are essential for trouble free high rate reactive deposition of dielectric materials. Double cathodes can also be used for reactive or non-reactive deposition of conducting materials - in this case the electrically floating dark space is not essential.

For double cathode assemblies, process tuning via the Speedflo controller can be performed at Gencoa or at the customers site to ensure high on the hysteresis curve and the highest deposition rates. Mounting styles for double cathodes are flexible with the most common types cantilever for web coating or drop-in sputter-down for architectural glass coating. Gencoa will provide a 3D model of the entire assembly for easy integration into the customers overall system scheme.

Mounting options

• Internal
• External
• Spacer
• Cantilever


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